3 reasons why you should not install your new roof over the present roof

Many times, when you're hiring a roofing contractor, they would propose a solution where your current roof would be merged into the new roof, such that old roof would come under this particular new roof. This is actually a very troublesome situation. Down the line, you would be facing a lot of roofing problems if you go with this arrangement. We would today discuss with you a few reasons as to why you should completely eliminate your current roof and thereafter install the new roof.

1. The leakages would continue:
If the present roof is having any kind of leakage, even after installing the new roof, the leakage would be eliminated only for a few months. After that, the w

2. Continuous damage:
If the older roof is damaged due to water or due to vegetation growth or due to mold, sooner than later, the newer roof would also get impacted. That is why the life and the strength of the newer roof would get reduced significantly.

3. Extra weight:
The weight on your home would be double the normal roof. That is why the burden on your home would increase significantly. This would weaken the structure of your home. The extra weight would significantly reduce the life of your home.

Due to these very reasons, you should 1st remove the current roof and thereafter only install the newer one.

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